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October 14, 2010
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Author's Note: I realize that some people think a relationship between Bolt and Mittens is really wierd (even disgusting to some), so I feel I need to explain something. The fact is, Bolt and Mittens can talk, think, feel, have facial expressions and even manners that are like humans (there anthropomorphics after all). So when you think about it, the only difference between them at that point is physical appearance, which could be looked at as a relationship between people of different races. I understand though if you still don't like it, but I just felt like I should put in my say. And for those of you that are fans of this pairing, no negative comments against those that feel it's either wierd or disgusting. You can say your piece about it somewhere else if you have to.

Bolt's Love
Bolt, Mittens, Rhino, & Penny (C) Disney

     Bolt slowly found his way through the corn stalks by the house his family lived, though 'found his way' may not be exactly right, since he was really TRYING to get lost, or rather, get away for a moment from everything that meant being found. He had been through a lot, his whole world having crashed around him when he found out he wasn't really some super dog, and even though it had been a month, things were still a little confusing. Looking back though, he felt like an idiot for ever having believed such a ridiculous idea. Had he really belie he could heat things up with his eyes, or bark so hard that people were blown away, or even run faster than a car? "Idiot..." he muttered to himself, with a light chuckle.

     All had not come out bad though. He still had Penny, his best friend in the whole wide world, and Rhino, his biggest fan, who was obsessed with reminding him of each and every episode from his carreer, and using them each as metaphors and allegories, which was fun to hear sometimes. Rhino also made sure to condemn the new seasons of the show, seeing them as abominations that destroyed everything Bolt stood for. "The new Bolt's a stupid girly-mutt, with a face a mother couldn't even love, and who can't even put his right paw in front of his left without coaching!" and Rhino would often be fuming at this point. Bolt laughed a little, the image of Rhino angry, posed like a cowboy about to draw his six-shooters, his nostrils flaring, and condemning, of all things, a tv show. But there was also something else... something strange that had happened.

     It was thanks to, of all things, a cat, that he had made it through everything that happened to him. She had kept him grounded, she showed him what it meant to be a dog, and was actually protective of him when it came to things and situations he wasn't used to. Bolt had never met anybody like mittens; of course up to the superdog fallout, he hadn't met many people besides Penny and her mom who acted themselves around him; maybe that was part of the reason he felt the way he did. But, it wasn't just that Mittens had taken care of him; every time he thought of Mittens, or got around her, he got the strangest feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was like someone had taken a bucket of energy, and shoved it into him; it made him feel like he could do anything, like he really was a superdog. In a way, it felt great, but at the same time, the mystery of it scared him. Sometimes he wished that he could just rip whatever it was that caused the feeling out of his stomach.

     Bolt sighed, raising his amber eyes up to the clouds, and admiring the shapes and everything they made, but the more he tried to push Mittens out of his mind, the more he thought of her. To Bolt, the clouds began to look like mittens, her face smiling brightly, kindness in her eyes, her cat ears relaxed a bit, and it made him feel guilty for pushing her out of his mind. His guilt completely broke his attempt to push her out of his mind, and so, he simply thought of her. Her beautiful black fur, that shimmered slightly in the sun; her kind jade eyes, like beautifal little gems, that showed nothing but care and compassion; her long, sleek cat tail, that flicked through the air as she walked by, as if to wave hi; her small, delicate paws, so innocent, lacking even claws. Everything about her made his heart race, and filled his stomach with... with that feeling.

     "Mittens..." he said with a deep sigh.

     Suddenly, to his suprise and utter horror, a reply came from behind him, not to far off to his side. "What's up super-mutt?" said Mittens, who trotted over to him through the tall corn stalks, a smile on her face.

     Seeing her, it made the feeling in him grow even greater, and it seemed that it was even overtaking his ability to speak, his words coming in stutters. "I... uh... I mean...."

     "You okay bolt?" asked Mittens, "you look as if you've seen a ghost." She looked about, as if inspecting herself, and said, "do I really look that bad?" There was a definite touch of sarcasm to her voice, but Bolt, in his incapacitated state, failed to notice it.

      "NO!" he said, in a definite tone, "You look beautiful, you..." he realized immediately what had just slipped out of his mouth. "I mean... I..." bolt couldn't say anything. He squinted his eyes, turning away from Mittens, a low growl escaping from him, eyes filled with tears. Realizing he couldn't say anything without making a fool of himself, Bolt ran away, through the forest of corn, as fast as he could, his eyes squinted shut, tears flowing swiftly, Mittens kind voice calling after him.


     Bolt found a quite place to rest, where a stone had kept the corn from growing up, the surface of it surprisingly cool. It made a nice place to sit, especially when his face was so hot with tears. The wind whistled through the corn, and not too far away, a little stream could be heard, the trickle of water against stones so soothing. Bolt sighed, wiping his tear drenched face against his foreleg. "Mittens..." he whispere though his tears, her face floating in his mind. Though he still didn't understand the feeling in his stomach, he knew why Mittens triggered it... he... he liked her. Not just as a friend... he really, REALLY liked her! "Mittens..." he whispered... "How can I ever tell you..." he sat quite for almost a minute, and then, almost under his breath, muttered "Mittens... I... I love you..." For a second, all the air seemed to lay still, as if paying some respect to the saddened Bolt; then there came the last thing Bolt expected.

     "I love you too... Bolt..." came  a faint, but sweet voice.

     "Mittens?" he asked, as if trying to find out who the voice belonged to, though he had no doubt. Mittens stepped out, slowly though, as if coming out all too quickly would send Bolt into a state of shock. "You... I mean..."

     "Yeah Bolt..." said Mittens gently, with a smile that would have melted the north pole. "I heard..."

     "I'm sorry..." he said, turning his head away from Mittens, as if ashamed to be seen by her.

     "Bolt, don't be..." she smiled down at the ground, and said, " I said... I... I like you to..."

     "But how could you," he said, almost sounding angry; not at Mittens, but at himself. "I'm just... just a stupid mutt... and you're..." he turned to Mittens, their eyes meeting, and their noses now nearly touching. "You're... you're perfect..."

     Mittens gave him a smirk, almost as if to tell him he was being stupid. "Bolt, I'm far from perfect."

     Bolt turned away from Mittens, as if she were a creature of such high stature, that he was unworthy to even be in her presence.

     "Look at me Bolt," said Mittens, in the same manner as when she had tried to convince him not to return to Hollywood, and in the way she said it, Bolt could do nothing BUT obeyed her. "Bolt, I am far from perfect. I..."

     "Mittens," he said interrupting, "your kind, caring, compassionate..." he dropped his head in shame, and added in the lightest breath, "beautiful..."

     Mittens smiled down at the ground, a little blush showing through her fur. "Bolt... I don't know if I'm any of those things... but I do know this," she turned to Bolt with an unmistakable expression of love in her eyes. "You changed me Bolt. Before I met you, I was a manipulative little..." she coughed as if she were about to say something she shouldn't, and said instead, "I was a little jerk. I cared only about myself Bolt, nobody else. I felt sorry for myself, and thought everybody owed me something, because I was suffering and they weren't. Remember that, those pigions Bolt!?" she hung her head in shame, and whispered, "They weren't the only ones I'd used..." she sighed, and searched his eyes for a sign of understanding. "Bolt, YOU made me into what I am. YOU made me care, YOU made me love... You made me... made me love you... Bolt..."

     "Mittens..." said Bolt in disbelief, but he didn't finish. Mittens moved forward a little, and pressed her lips lightly to his, and kissed him. After a second of deisbelief, bolt relaxed, and kissed back. It wasn't one of those sensual, lip smacking, tongue hockey kisses that you might see in a trashy movie, but this was a real, soft, loving, caring kiss. As they pulled back, their eyes remained interlocked one with another. They both smiled, neither one of them saying anything.


*4 months later*

     "I think it's about time..." said mittens softly. She twitched a little, as if something had kicked her, and gave a light smile. "...I think they're anxious to get out."

     Mittens was lying under Penny's bed, up in the corner, which had become Mitten's and Bolt's favorite place to hide out and cuddle. All around them were old clothes; clothes that either didn't fit Penny anymore, or which had been messed up and were no longer worn. Bolt had snagged them from either a donation pile or a trash pile, mostly the trash, and had made a little cave under the bed. It was a secret place, which even Rhino, in all his annoying antics, would never have dared to violate.

     "Do you need anything?" asked bolt urgently, worried out of his mind for his mate.

     "I'm fine bolt..." said Mittens reassuringly. "I just..." but she suddenly convulsed, with a slight, cattish moan.

     "Oh no..." said Bolt, pounding his paw on the ground, restless. "I'll get a blanket and some water," he said as if he had just been struck by a bolt of lightning. He turned and rushed out as fast as he could, determined to get back and not miss anything.

     "Bolt, please..." but he was already out. She chuckled a little. "My hero..." but then her body convulsed again. "It's time," she whispered, with a painful expression overtaking her face.

     Bolt came back right as the first one was coming out. He laid the bowl of water that he had brought up in front of mittens, and laid the blanket down next to her for the kips. It was a tiny thing, the first kip, with white, matted fur. Mittens moved it next to her, licking it clean, and as she did, the fur began to puff out as normal fur would.  "She's got her father's fur," whispered mittens with a fond, loving smile at the cute thing. Mittens nuzzled its ears. "Welcome to the world little one," she whispered. Its snout was like her father's, but she had her mother's cat ears. Her tail was as long as a cats, but thick like a dogs. On her forehead was a unique, black, diamond shaped mark. A little whimper escaped from its tiny snout. Mittens giggled weakly, and licked its cheek.

     "She's beautiful," whispered Bolt with a smile, lying down next to his mate, their first kip lying between them. The second one was male, almost all cat, with light gray fur. The only thing about him that looked remotely canine was the fact that his tail was a little shorter than a cat's, which wasn't really a canine feature at all. The third Kip had black fur, with his fathers snout and ears, but his mother's tail.  The fourth, however, was smaller than the rest, barely bigger than mittens paws. She was tiny, and white furred, like the first, and in fact, looked almost identical to the first, except that the diamond shape on her forehead was longer, going all the way down to the tip of her snout. Mittens licked it clean, and looked at it with a very worried expression. Her breathing was hard and shallow, and she looked so tiny, it scared both of her parents.

     "Bolt," said mittens with pleading eyes, "What'll we do?" tears welled up, and she made no effort to hold them back, turning back and forth from Bolt to the Kip, in a flurry of fear.

     "I don't know..." whispered Bolt, tears in his eyes as well, though he tried to hold them back, to keep his mate brave. They didn't need to do anything though. In her first hour of life, her breathing became normal and relaxed.

     Mittens went to sleep, more tired than she'd ever been in her life, their kips milking, and moving about between them. Bolt felt like he was on top of the world. He had a mate whom he loved more than all the world, and who loved him back. He had a litter, kips, his own, who he had made with his mate. Everything felt right. His first kips, His first litter... his family.
Hello. This is my first Bolt fanfic, my first fanfic altogether actually, and I wanted to upload it. I know the style is shamefully flowery, but since it's sort of from Bolt's point of view, even though it's in third-person, I think it was appropriate. Bolt, after all, is supposed to see Mittens in a loving view, though I wish I knew more to make mittens say when she responds to Bolt's comments.

Anyways, I hope ya'll like it. I spent a whole single night writing this thing, put a lot of time and effort into it (insert sarc-mark here). Tell me what you think of it, I need to know if I'm even any good at writing, since I'm thinking of writing some books. Probably won't make much from them though, since even most good novelists are never discovered by the general public.

Also, I know that most people call cat dog hybrids kituppies, but I really don't like that. It doesn't roll off of the tongue to me. I thought Kips was better, though I still don't even like kips all too much either. Oh well, que sara sara.
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